What is a Second Mile Life?

Walking with people to heal and empowering them to have healthy relationships with others and with God

Hurts accumulate and if we aren't intentional we can build resentment. We harbor our emotions instead of honing them. In Matthew 5 Jesus speaks on retaliation. He commands us to live Second Mile Lives, going an additional mile with the person or thing that forced us to go the first. This is incredibly hard. Many people tire them selves walking that second mile alone. We all need someone to walk the additional steps with us. Perhaps there is something in that second mile for us! The mile we just don't want to walk or have avoided or is undeserved. I have to believe God knows best! That is what counseling is. It is a second mile way of life. Learning to walk out healing from the thing or things that burden us. Seeking along the journey God's restorative power in our lives. I believe in a Second Mile Life and am always honored when another person allows me to come along side their journey. Grace is the Second Mile Life.


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Adele is an experienced speaker and published author. Her reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore difficult topics with honesty, backed with impeccable research, and personal stories. She is a thought-leader,  a leader in ministry, and an amazing storyteller. She has experience speaking to hundreds of counselors and mental health professionals, as well as, offering insights to pastors and ministry leaders.